Website Design Birmingham

Website Design

The rigours of today’s digital demands insist that to be successful a site must be usable, accessible, flexible, inviting both technically and visually and increasingly adaptive.

Visual design is not simply a case of actuating a pretty picture. Our designers are studied in the knowledge of what mathematically and subconsciously creates an effective design thereby ensuring that each and every visitor to your site is gently influenced in a way most productive for your business.

Design for Print

Recently with the insurgence of inventive printing techniques and increased affordability, our faithful friend is seeing something of a renewal and, in an increasingly sterile digital age, tactile print is becoming a welcome relief.

Razor Smile can help create strong unified stationary for your brand, enforcing brand consistency and professionalism throughout letterheads and business cards.

Product Photography

Many business owners wrongfully dismiss custom photography as an expense their budget cannot accommodate, often turning to generic stock library images to fill their media and web projects.

While stock images are useful they have their limitations; the expense, the time spent searching for images as well as the disappointment of discovering your competitor has been likeminded in their selection. In many cases our photographic service results in less expense and the retention of your brands unique identity.